The Oxford Biomedical Imaging Network was established in 2007 with a grant from the Oxford University John Fell OUP Fund. The aim of the Network is to provide a forum for improved communication and collaboration between the diverse members of the Oxford University imaging community. This comprises expertise across a huge range of imaging scales (cellular microscopy to human whole body imaging), modalities (e.g. optical microscopes, nuclear medicine imaging techniques, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound), and disease areas (e.g., oncology, clinical neuroscience, cardiovascular medicine and musculoskeletal).

This web site forms an important part of the Network, and will be developed to provide a resource for members of the Oxford biomedical imaging community, their collaborators, their funding partners, and for current and potential industrial collaborators. If you have ideas for how the Biomedical Imaging Network could be made more effective, or you would like to obtain further information on our activities, then please contact us at imaging_network@fmrib.ox.ac.uk.

Peter Jezzard, Professor of Neuroimaging, Network Director

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