Pre-Clinical Imaging

In-vivo optical: There are three principal facilities for pre-clinical in-vivo optical imaging. One is used for intrinsic and voltage sensitive dye optical imaging (housed in DPAG), and two others are used for bioluminescence imaging (one held in the ROB facility on the Churchill site and one held by Clinical Pharmacology on the JR site).

MRI: There are four main sites of animal MRI activity across the University, two on the Churchill Hospital campus and two in the University Science Area. Altogether these sites possess five scanners, with three more planned in 2008. The areas of scientific focus are: cardiovascular (DPAG, WTCHG); neuroscience (DPAG, Experimental Psychology); and oncology (ROB). Most of these systems are either exclusively or predominantly used for rodent work, although facilities exist for larger animals.

Nuclear medicine imaging: The newly established Radiation Oncology and Biology (ROB) facility at the Churchill Hospital site is a very well equipped maging facility, with a broad range of imaging modalities in place (nano-SPECT/CT, ultrasound, microPET).

Other: Several other pieces of major imaging equipment exist within the University for pre-clinical imaging. These include intravascular ultrasound (ROB), and a hyperpolarised 13C MRI system (DPAG).