Wade Allison

Fellow and Tutor in Physics , University Lecturer (Professor) in Physics
Experimental Particle Physics, Medical Physics of Radiation, MRI and Ultrasound

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My background is in experimental Particle Physics. I have developed new experimental methods and their theory, and applied these in experiments on quarks at CERN and on neutrinos in the USA. I have made special studies on the fields of relativistic charged particles in matter.
I give graduate lectures on relativistic charged particles, and for a number of years gave the mainstream undergraduate lectures in Electromagnetism and in Nuclear Physics.
For ten years I have given a course on Medical Physics for undergraduates and co-supervise 4th year projects in the FMRIB unit and at the Churchill and Radcliffe Infirmary Hospitals. I have recently written a wide ranging student textbook on medical physics, including the question of the safety of nuclear energy. I am a member of the John Adams Accelerator Institute and have interests in new accelerators for Particle Physics and also for Radiotherapy. I also have developing interests in therapeutic ultrasound and the detection of acoustic emission by the human body using PC based stethoscope. I co-supervise students working on these.
In a world for which climate change is a reality the nuclear power option is needed. I have been researching the reasons for the extra ordinary fear of nuclear power. Scientifically they are not justifiable.



I research, teach and play with physics - at good times the three approaches overlap and feed on one another.
- The play is usually on my boat where the problems of waves, wind and navigation surround me on the open sea.
- The research and University teaching is outlined below.
- College teaching is organised from the website

In College I tutor much of the syllabus from First Year Maths to third Year Nuclear Physics.
In addition I organise the annual physics Masterclass for local schools supported by PPARC, and also the residential Sutton Trust week for physics students with ambitions to come to Oxford.
I instituted and still organise the bi-annual Richardson Lectures.

Academic Biography

Visiting Professor, Dept of Physics & Astronomy, University of Minnesota (1995)
Tutorial Fellow of Keble College, Oxford (1976 - present)
University Lecturer in Physics, Oxford (1976 - present)
Research Officer, Nuclear Physics Lab., Oxford (1970 - 1975)
Post-doc, Argonne Nat. Lab., Illinois (1968 - 1970)
Research Lecturer, Christchurch, Oxford (1966 - 1971)
Experimental Particle Physics (1963 - 1967)
Christchurch, Oxford, D Phil (1963 - 1968)
Trinity College, Cambridge, Open Exhibitioner Nat. Sci. Pt I (First), Physics Pt II (Second) Maths Pt III (1959 - 1963)