This page provides a list of academics in Oxford whose main area of expertise is in imaging science.

Microscopy Physics

Name Department Field(s)
Martin Booth Engineering Optical microscopy, photonics
Ian Dobbie Biochemistry Advanced fluorescence microscopy
Christian Eggeling Weatherall Inst. of Molecular Medicine Cellular immunology
Chris Grovenor Materials Functional materials
Kay Gruenewald Structural Biology (STRUBI) Immunology, cell structure
Andrew Jefferson Biochemistry Pathology, bioimaging
Achillefs Kapanidis Physics DNA, gene expression
Philipp Kukura Chemistry High speed microscopy
Richard Parton Biochemistry Quantitative image analysis
Ron Roy Engineering Science Mechanical engineering
Boris Vojnovic Radiation Oncology Imaging modalities
Tony Wilson Engineering Confocal microscope development
Andrew Zisserman Engineering Multiple view geometry


Microscopy Applications

Name Department Field(s)
Francis Barr Biochemistry Polarisation, division of human cells
Ilan Davis Biochemistry Molecule sorting in cells
Simon Davis Weatherall Inst of Molecular Medicine Immunology
Michael Dustin Kennedy Institute Immunology
Nigel Emptage Pharmacology Optical quantal analysis
Doug Higgs Weatherall Inst of Molecular Medicine Cell and molecular biology
Mark Howarth Biochemistry Protein nanotechnologies, cancer analysis
Juha Huiskonen Structural Biology (STRUBI) Immunology
Yvonne Jones Structural Biology (STRUBI) Cancer research
Anjali Kusumbe Kennedy Inst. Tumour microenvironment
Xin Lu Ludwig Institute Cell and molecular biology
Gero Miesenboeck Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour Neural circuits
Roger Patient Weatherall Inst Molecular Medicine Blood, cardiovascular development
Jordan Raff Pathology Centriole research
Quentin Sattentau Pathology Immunology, virology
Lothar Schermelleh Biochemistry Genome function
Shankar Srinivas DPAG Embryonic imaging
David Stuart Structural Biology (STRUBI) Molecular virology
Stephan Uphoff Biochemistry DA repair, bacterial mutagenesis
Scott Waddell Dept of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Neural mechanisms


Pre-Clinical Imaging

Name Department Field(s)
Daniel Antony Pharmacology Experimental Neuropathology
Kieran Clarke Dept of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Cardiovascular MR
Alexandr Khrapichev Oncology Lung imaging
Craig Lygate RDM Cardiac Imaging
Paul Riley Dept of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Cardiovascular MR
Matthew Rushworth Experimental psychology Neural mechanisms of decision making
Nicola Sibson Oncology Inflammatory and metabolic microenvironment in brain metastasis
Sean Smart Oncology Imaging optimisation
Damian Tyler Dept of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Cardiovascular MR


Human Image Acquisition

Name Department Field(s)
Nicholas Blockley WIN/NDCN MRI physics, brain oxygen metabolism
Dan Bulte Institute of Biomedical Engineering Oxygen delivery and metabolism
Stuart Clare WIN/NDCN MRI physics
Robin Cleveland Inst of Biomedical Engineering Biomedical ultrasound
Constantin Coussios Inst of Biomedical Engineering Biomedical ultrasound
Peter Jezzard Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain Neurovasculature MRI
Karla Miller Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain MRI reconstruction and analysis
Tom Okell WIN/NDCN MRI physics, perfusion
Eleanor Stride Inst of Biomedical Engineering Drug delivery systems, biomedical ultrasound
Johanna Vannesjo WIN/NDCN


Image Analysis

Name Department Field(s)
Jesper Anderson WIN/NDCN
Tim Behrens Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain Computational neuroscience
Mike Brady Oncology Quantitative biomedical analysis
Michael Chappell Inst of Biomedical Engineering Quantitative biomedical analysis
Vicente Grau Inst of Biomedical Engineering Quantitative biomedical analysis
Saad Jbabdi WIN/NDCN Diffusion analysis
Mark Jenkinson Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain Structural modelling and analysis
Ana Namburete IBME Ultrasound imaging
Tom Nichols Big Data Inst. Statistical imaging
Alison Noble Inst of Biomedical Engineering Image analysis methodologies
Jens Rittscher Inst of Biomedical Engineering Quantitative biomedical analysis
Steve Smith Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain MRI analysis
Steve Taylor WIMM/RDM Cellular imaging analysis
Dominic Waithe WIMM/RDM
Mark Woolrich Centre for Human Brain Activity MRI analysis


Data Modelling

Name Department Field(s)
Rafal Bogacz Clinical Neurology Computational neuroscience
Helen Byrne Mathematics Mathematical biological models
Jon Chapman Mathematics Industrial mathematics, mathematical modelling
Maarten de Vos Inst of Biomedical Engineering Sleep monitoring, mobile brain monitoring
David Gavaghan Computer Science mathematical and computational techniques for biomedical problems
Philip Maini Mathematics Mathematical biology
Stephen Payne Inst of Biomedical Engineering Engineering tools for clinical problems
Jared Tanner Mathematics High dimensional date model extraction


Imaging Probes/Contrast Agents

Name Department Field(s)
Harry Anderson Chemistry Molecular engineering
Ben Davis Chemistry Carbohydrates and proteins
Stephen Faulkner Chemistry Synthesis and use of metal complexes as imaging and contrast agents
Veronique Gouverneur Chemistry Synthetic methodologies for the preparation of fluorinated targets
Chris Schofield Chemistry Information transfer between generations


Clinical Imaging

Name Department Field(s)
Tipu Aziz Neurosurgery Funcional neurosurgery
Kevin Bradley OUH radiology Cancer Imaging
Keith Channon Cardiovascular medicine Cell and molecular biology
Robin Choudhury RDM Cardiology, vessel wall imaging
Bart Cornelissen Oncology Cancer imaging, PET
John Geddes Psychiatry Epidemiological psychiatry
Fergus Gleeson OUH radiology, NDS Lung imaging
George Harston RDM Stroke imaging
James Kennedy RDM Stroke imaging
Ruth Muschell Oncology Cancer Imaging, radiation biology
Stefan Neubauer RDM Cardiovascular imaging


Human Neuroimaging

Name Department Field(s)
Sven Braeutigam Psychiatry Magnetoencephalography
Holly Bridge Psychology Non-invasive human brain imaging
Steven Chance Neuroanatomy Alzheimer’s, Autism, Schizophrenia
Heidi Johansen-Berg WIN/NDCN Brain plasticity, chronic stroke
Clare Mackay Psychiatry Dementia imaging
Kia Nobre Experimental psychology Human Cognitive Neuroscience
Irene Tracy WIN/NDCN Central mechanisms of pain