Imaging Management Board

The Imaging Management Board meets at least annually to coordinate imaging activities and strategy across the University. It reports to the heads of the Medical Sciences Division and the Maths Physical and Life Sciences Division.

Committee Structure

Chair: Peter Jezzard (FMRIB, MSD)
Vice-Chair: Alison Noble (Eng Sci, MPLS)


  • Leads: Ilan Davis (Biochem, MSD), Borivoj Vojnovik (ROB, MSD)
  • Invited: Shankar Srivinas (DPAG, MSD), Nigel Emptage (Pharmacology, MSD), Tony Wilson (Eng Sci, MPLS), Mark Leake (Physics, MPLS)

Pre-Clinical Imaging:

  • Leads: Kieran Clarke (DPAG, MSD), Matthew Rushworth (Exp Psych, MSD) and Niki Sibson (ROB, MSD)
  • Invited: Ruth Muschel (ROB, MSD), Stefan Neubauer (CVM, MSD), Andrew Parker (DPAG, MSD), Juergen Schneider (CVM, MSD) and Damian Tyler (DPAG, MSD)

Human Imaging:

  • Leads: Robin Choudhury (CVM, MSD), Fergus Gleeson (NDM, MSD), Stefan Neubauer (CVM, MSD), Irene Tracey (FMRIB, MSD) and Kia Nobre (EP, MSD)
  • Invited: Mike Brady (Eng Sci, MPLS), Alastair Buchan (NDM, MSD), Kieran Clarke (DPAG, MSD), Guy Goodwin (Psychiatry, MSD), Andrew Parker (DPAG, MSD), Matt Robson (CVM, MSD) and Steve Smith (FMRIB, MSD)

Molecular Imaging:

  • Leads: Veronique Gouverneur (Chem, MPLS) and Ruth Muschel (ROB, MSD)
  • Invited: Mike Brady (Eng Sci, MPLS), Kieran Clarke (DPAG, MSD), Ben Davis (Chem, MPLS), Jon Dilworth (Chem, MPLS), Stephen Faulkner (Chem, MPLS), Fergus Gleeson (NDS, MSD and Radiology, NHS), Niki Sibson (ROB, MSD) and Sean Smart (ROB, MSD)

Image Analysis:

  • Leads: Julia Schnabel (IBME, MPLS) and Steve Smith (FMRIB, MSD)
  • Invited: David Gavaghan (ComLab, MPLS), Mark Woolrich (Psychiatry, MSD)

If you feel that your area of research is not properly respresented on the IMB then please contact the Chair of the committee.