2018 Scientific Programme

2018 Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival
Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre, Worcester College, 28th September 2018
Organisers: Peter Jezzard, Christian Eggeling, Matthew Robson, Niki Sibson and Damian Tyler


08:50-09:20: Registration and poster set up 

09:20-09:25: Welcome and Introduction

09.25-11.00:  Platform Session 1: Genes Meet Imaging (Chair: Simon Hunt)

      • 09.25-09.40: Ian Dobbie (Biochemistry) – Neurogenetic Development in Drosophila
      • 09.45-10.00: Jill Brown (WIMM, RDM) – Three Dimensional Conformation of a Regulatory Chromatin Domain
      • 10.05-10.20: Henrik Westerberg (MRC Harwell) – Automatic Detection of Anatomical Phenotypes in Mouse Embryos
      • 10.25-10.40: Steve Smith (WIN, NDCN) – Linking Imaging with Genetics in the UK Biobank Imaging Project
      • 10.45-11.00: Proffered Talk – Simon Lord (Oncology) – Integrated Pharmacodynamic Analysis Identifies Two Metabolic Adaption Pathways to Metformin in Breast Cancer

11.00-12.00:  Poster Session 1 + Tea/Coffee:  Odd numbered posters presented, and opportunity to network

12.00-13.00: Annual Guest Lecture: Gail McConnell, Dept of Physics, Strathclyde University: “Title: Go Big or Go Home: Making and Using an Optical Mesoscope for Biomedical Imaging” (introduced by Erdinc Sezgin)

13.00-13.45: Buffet Lunch

13.45-14.45:  Poster Session 2 + Tea/Coffee:  Even numbered posters presented, and opportunity to network

14:45-16:00: Platform Session 2: Connecting Industry with Academia (Chair: Katherine Vallis)

      • 14.45-15.00: Achilles Kapanidis (Physics) – Oxford Nanoimaging – Super-Resolution goes Mainstream
      • 15.05-15.20: Alfonso Bueno (Computer Science) – Cardiac Imaging and the Pharma Industry
      • 15.25-15.40: Evangelos Oikonomou (Cardiovascular Medicine) – The Science and Commercialisation of CT-Based Atherosclerosis Measurement
      • 15.45-16.00: Alison Noble (IBME) – Intelligent Ultrasound – Improving Diagnosis via Image Analysis

16:05: Close