2009 Scientific Programme

2009 Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival
Garden Quad, St John’s College, 16th September 2009
Organisers: Peter Jezzard, Ilan Davis and Damian Tyler

09:00-09:30Arrival, set up posters.  N.B. Even number posters will be presented a.m. session and odd number posters presented in the afternoon session

09:30-09:45Welcome and summary of activities of Oxford Biomedical Imaging Network

09:45-10:45: Annual Oxford Varian LectureDr Ernst Stelzer, EMBL, Heidelberg, Title: “Three-Dimensional Imaging and Three-Dimensional Specimens: How three-dimensional cell-based assays are about to change our world”. Introduced by Dr Ilan Davis

10:45-11:45Poster Session 1 and Tea/Coffee
11:45-12:45: Platform Session 1: Emerging Technologies: Chaired by Prof. Alison Noble

  • Martin Booth (Dept of Engineering Science), “Adaptive Optics for Harmonic Generation Microscopy”
  • Ilan Davis (Dept of Biochemistry), “Tracking mRNA Movement Using Novel Microscopy and Image Analysis Methods”
  • Sofia Pascu (Dept of Chemistry): “Novel PET Agents”

12:45-13:45: Buffet Lunch

13:45-14:45: Platform Session 2: Imaging at Extreme Scales: Chaired by Dr Damian Tyler

  • John Ryan (Dept of Physics), “Atomic Force Microscopy: Real-Time Molecular Imaging”
  • Kay Grunwald (STRUBI) “Probing Macromolecules in their Native Environment by Cryo Electron Microscopy”
  • Chris Lintott (Dept of Astrophysics), “Imaging a Million Galaxies: The Galaxy Zoo Project”

14:45-15:45: Poster Session 2 and Tea/Coffee

15:45-16:45: Platform Session 3: Development: Chaired by Dr Peter Kohl

  • Shankar Srinivas (DPAG), “Imaging Mammalian Embryogenesis”
  • Mark Fricker (Dept of Plant Sciences), “Imaging and Modelling the Development of Fungal Networks”
  • Kate Watkins (Dept of Experimental Psychology): “Imaging Developmental Disorders of Speech and Language”

16:45-17:30: Platform Session 4: Future Horizons in Human Imaging: Chaired by Prof. Sir Mike Brady

  • Stuart Clare (FMRIB), “Prospects for Neuroimaging at 7 Tesla”
  • Robin Choudhury (Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine), “Combined MRI and X-Ray Angiography in Acute Vascular Diseases”
  • Gillies McKenna (Dept of Radiation Oncology and Biology), “The Oxford Cancer Imaging Centre”

17:30 Close