2009 Feedback

Imaging Festival Feedback:

Did you find the imaging festival a useful event?  
Yes x6. Trade stands yes, talks no (other than for general education and curiosity) x2

How would you like to see the format of the Imaging Festival altered next time? Or were you happy with the overall format?
Suggest themed poster sessions. Have keynote speaker not at the end. Perhaps choose different emphasis each time. I was unhappy with the mix of subjects for talks (should be 50%/50% mix of clinical imaging and cell/bioimaging) x2. More poster room needed. As an industrial exhibitor I need a parking spot to bring equipment x2. Add affiliation to the Festival name badges. Standardise delegate info sheet to show affiliation/expertise. Add email to delegate sheet.

Would you support holding the Festival at the John Radcliffe site next year to facilitate clinician involvement?
Yes x2 (or at Richard Doll Building on the Churchill site).
Only if it is made clear that the festival is not a BIOmedical imaging festival but a MEDICAL imaging festival.

What other topics would you like to see covered?
Image guidance (radiotherapy, surgery, drug delivery). Cell imaging (there are many excellent world leading labs in Oxford and none were represented this year).

Do you have suggestions for particular events that the Biomedical Imaging Network should try to organise (e.g. focused workshop on a specific topic)?
Dynamic imaging; Image analysis; Ultrasound; Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (<100nm); Single molecule imaging.

Are there any major forthcoming initiatives that you are aware of that you think the Network members should be aware of, or that the Network could help coordinate?
No responses.

What additional information or features or improvements would you like to see on the Imaging Network web site?
News feed/newsletter. Mailing list. Would suggest area of the Imaging Network web site dedicated to promoting the successes of the imaging community (e.g. grants raised, numbers of people, imaging mission of the various University departments, resulting startups etc.). More strategy needed for industrial/academic relationship.