2007 Scientific Programme

2007 Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival
Garden Quad, St John’s College, 19th September 2007


09:15-09:45Arrival, coffee, set up posters

09:45-10:00Welcome and overview of Oxford Biomedical Imaging Network

10:00-11:00Microscopy (Organisers: Nigel Emptage and Anthony Wilson)

  • Gero Miesenbock (Dept of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics), “Change of Mind: Optical Control of Neural Circuits”
  • Nigel Emptage (Dept of Pharmacology), “Imaging Synaptic Plasticity”
  • David Vaux (Dunn School of Pathology), “Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)”
  • Anthony Wilson (Dept of Engineering Science), “Developments in Microscopy Instrumentation”

11:00-11:30Coffee break

11:30-12:30: Pre-Clinical Imaging (Organisers: Niki Sibson and Damian Tyler)

  • Kate Vallis (Dept of Radiation Oncology and Biology), “NanoCT-SPECT”
  • Jurgen Schneider (Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine), “Experimental Cardiac MR”
  • Damian Tyler (Dept Physiology Anatomy and Genetics), “Hyperpolaristion and MR”
  • Niki Sibson (Dept of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics), “Experimental Neuro MR in Rodents”
  • Matthew Rushworth (Dept of Experimental Psychology), “Using MRI to Compare Brain Anatomy in Man and Monkey”

12:30-13:30: Buffet Lunch

13:30-14:45: Human Imaging (Organisers: Peter Jezzard and Alison Noble)

  • Heidi Johansen-Berg (FMRIB Centre), “Brain Connectivity Assessed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging”
  • Alison Noble (Dept of Engineering Science), “Advances in Ultrasound”
  • Robin Choudhury (Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine), “Imaging Atherosclerosis”
  • Fergus Gleeson (Dept of Radiology, Churchill Hospital), “The Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Imaging Theme”
  • Tony Bailey (Dept of Psychiatry), “Measuring Brain Function with Magnetoencephalography”

14:45-16:00: Tea and poster session

16:00-17:00: Molecular Imaging (Organisers: Jon Dilworth and Ruth Muschel)

  • Chris Grovenor (Dept of Materials), “Use of NanoSIMS to Provide Information on Speciation of Elements in Biological Materials”
  • Boris Vojnovic (Dept of Radiation Oncology and Biology), “Fluorescence Imaging”
  • Veronique Gouveneur (Dept of Chemistry), “The Role of Chemistry and Radiochemistry in PET Imaging”

17:00-17:50: GSK Sponsored Guest LecturerBernd Pichler (University of Tuebingen), “Developments in Combined PET and MRI”
18:00: Close