2007 Feedback

Imaging Festival:

Did you find the imaging festival a useful event?  
Yes x20. Not really x1.  Yes, but could be better x1.

Would you support having another Imaging Festival this time next year? If not, what interval do you think is useful?
Yes x20. Every other year x2

How would you like to see the format of the Imaging Festival altered next time?
Liked the current format x3. Reduce number of speakers x4. Speakers to stick to time x4. More discussion time x5. Too many posters x1. Too cramped in poster area x3. Spread over more days x1. More focussed parallel sessions x1. Presentation of network activities within Oxford x1. Have separate clinical and laboratory sessions x1. Talks too specialist for general audience x1. Bar or dinner after the festival x1. More question time x3

What topics would you like to see covered?
Multiphoton in vivo imaging x1. Different types of images x1. Live-cell imaging x2. Oncology x1. PET & Radiopharmaceutical development x1. More on stroke x1. Celluar imaging x1. Small animal imaging x1. Image analysis (post processing) x2 (especially where there is common ground e.g. segmentation, registration/fusion, tracking etc). RF UWB imaging – UWB radar imaging for breast cancer detection x1. More grouping around clinical problems rather than modalities x1. More technique level for IF & EM x1. MRI technology x1. Acquisition topics x1.

Network Activities:

Do you have suggestions for particular events that the Biomedical Imaging Network should try to organise (e.g. focused workshop on a specific topic)?
Workshops on acquisition and post-processing topics x1. Medical imaging workshops x1. Workshop on fluorescent microscopy x1. Workshop on cerebral blood flow x1. Modality workshop x1. Molecular imaging workshop x1. MRI & FMRI workshop x1. Stroke workshop x1.

Would you support the Network being used as a way of encouraging sharing of imaging resources across groups?
Yes x16. One comment – bear in mind security/animal issues

If you have capacity on your instrumentation, would you be willing to allow access to others?
Yes x8

Are there any major forthcoming initiatives that you are aware of that you think the Network members should be aware of, or that the Network could help coordinate?
eScience GRID & Database services x1.

Web Site:

What additional information or features would you like to see on the Imaging Network web site?
Links to good  (moderated) teaching websites on imaging x1. Other meetings x1. Contact info x1. Discussion forums x1. Copies of presentations from the day x1. Email contacts x1. Links to group webpages x1. Image database x1.